About Us

Robert Morris is a third generation machinist. His grandfather, George Neff, founded G&J Machines in 1955 to serve the tooling needs of the oil and gas companies in Texas.

Robert spent his summers as a young boy in the early 70’s working at his grandfather’s shop. He would keep the machines and the shop floor spotless and there was little danger you could find a metal shaving of any kind that would stick around for long. Any opportunity he had after completing his duties was invested watching and learning about the trade from his grandfather and the other machinists who worked for him.

His keen interest did not go unnoticed. By the time he was 14, he was turning precision parts destined for the oil fields of Texas. He knew he was destined to work this trade.

By 1986, the oil and gas industry was experiencing the second recession of the decade. Business was extremely slow. His grandfather was reaching retirement age. The timing and family circumstances were not right for young Robert to take over the reigns. G&J Machine was sold. He told his grandfather not to worry because he would in fact start his own company someday to carry on the tradition.

Robert wanted to acquire a wealth of experience with all types of production processes and equipment, especially the new CNC equipment that was becoming more prevalent by the late 80’s. He spent the next 15 years working and gaining valuable experience. His interest of the precision parts business and the work ethic he developed at a very young age made him a valuable employee. He developed a reputation as the “go to man” to lead the process, especially when new equipment was being implemented or a key account was acquired and needed nurturing.

Robert, through it all, was still mindful of his lifelong goal and the promise he made to his grandfather to start his own company. By 2002, he had developed his business plan and proceeded to invest his life savings to secure the financing needed to start building a new production facility on his property in Red Oak, Texas. Construction was completed by June of 2003; he then purchased his equipment and was able to land his first major account by the end of the year. Robert’s life long dream, Morris Machining, was fully operational by January 1, 2004.